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Our History

The RDNY came into being in April of 1955, when a small group of Retired New York City Detectives decided to get together for a social meeting. As a result of that meeting, the idea of forming an Association that could further assist retired Detectives with retirement benefits and to do charitable work came to fruition. 

This group decided to meet again that following month  to continue your efforts and also to begin a life long bond that law enforcement officers share, especially Detectives.

The RDNY Incorporated later that same year and became officially known as "The Retired Detectives of the City of New York". They adopted the motto "Fideliter Servivimus", which means "We have served faithfully". Today we serve 1400 members and we are recognized as a Fraternal Organization within the Law Enforcement Community.

Present Day:

The RDNY meets every second Wednesday of the month. The location varies from borough to borough. There will be notifications prior to the date. 

Your 2018 RDNY Executive Board:

President: Kenneth Hieb

1st Vice President: Kevin Schroeder

2nd Vice President: Daniel Austin

Chairman of the Board:  John Wilde

Treasurer: John Warner

Secretary: Peggy Hopkins

Sergeant at Arms: Brian Carroll

Board of Directors:

Don Alesi

William Burns

Jack Casale (R.I.P.)

Victor Cipullo

Brian Hunt

Christopher Kollmeier

Tom Nerney (R.I.P.)

Judy Newton

John Russiello

Edward Ruvane

Stephen F. Ryan

Rich Santangelo

Michael Sheehan

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Gofundme for Detective Marte


This will go toward the funeral cost and whatever additional costs and bills that Ariel’s wife and children will endure. 

Detective Ariel Marte was a dedicated, hardworking cop. But moreover, he was a phenomenal person. His smile and his infectious personality made him the life of the party and the shining light in the room. Ariel would always go out of his way to help his friends and family. He was a dedicated father that would take his children everywhere with him. He made sure his family was well taken care of. Many of us can remember the great times and the imprint that Ariel left in our lives. 

Now that he is no longer able to take care of duty of a cop in protecting the city and more importantly unable to take care of his family, we must take the responsibility to help out. Any donation will be helpful.

50th Anniversary NYPD Trainees Reunion

From RDNY Member John Whimple: 50th Anniversary NYPD Police Trainees Class of July 1, 1968 Russo's On the Bay - July 1, 2018 For more information, Contact Det. John Whimple (Ret.)  PO Box 525, Miller Place NY 11764-0525 pdtrainees7168@aol.com 631-566-7994

WTC Medical Monitoring

All MOS, active and retired, who participated in the 9/11 rescue and recovery operations are strongly encouraged to enroll in the WTC Medical Monitoring Program.  They are expert in assisting those who were exposed to materials that have thus far resulted in over 1700 NYPD Diagnoses of cancer. In addition, over 140 MOS have died as a result of 9/11 related cancers. Early testing, diagnosis and treatment is the key to helping ourselves and our families.  

This is the main site. Please join.  


Help Wanted





SALARY 70,000






Help Wanted

Looking for a few Surv agents to add to a team of agents for a Nassau County Surv I have going. Long term and immediate. 
Pays $50/hour and goes from 5:30am through midnight or later  (can work part of the hours of course)  Also looking for an overnight agent. 
Big money maker for a hard worker. 

Dan Ribicoff
International Investigative Group, Ltd. 
2901 Long Beach Road
Suite 3 
Oceanside, NY 11572
P: 516-764-3242
F: 516-764-3362

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The RDNY Organization is a registered non-for-profit corporation under section 501c3 of the IRS Code. Please complete the required information in the RDNY Membership Application printing as clearly as possible to ensure that your information is properly gathered for future mailings and correspondence.

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