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Watch the below video for an important message from the DEA President regarding the protection of your pension – Vote NO in November to the referendum for a New York State Constitutional Convention.

Special Summer Exhibit Spotlights the History of the N.Y.P.D.
The New York City Police Museum will once again open its doors to the public, this time on historic Governors Island. In partnership with the Trust for Governors Island, the Museum has opened special exhibits for the summer of 2017 which include Links To The Past, Women in Policing, Transportation and 9/11: A Uniform Response.

Links To The Past – explore the history of policing the city from its earliest days when the Dutch settled in what was then called New Amsterdam. In 1625 Johann Lampo patrolled the trails and paths of the area, keeping the peace. Lampo was the FIRST in a long, honored line of law enforcement officers in the United States. As the city grew, so did its policing needs and in 1658 an eight man Rattle watch was established, our nation’s First Paid Police Force. Timelines, artifacts and photographs trace the history of the department from these early times to today.

Women in Policing, The New York City Police Museum, celebrates the significant contributions of women to the NYPD. The exhibit examines the rich history of women in the department and explores the pioneering roles they have played as emerging and influential members of the law enforcement community. This exhibition features the women who piloted the first radio patrol car assignments and the challenges that they faced on the road towards equality. A uniform and artifact display shows the transformation from “Policewomen” who wore skirts, high heels, and carried guns in specially designed handbags to what we know as the gender-neutral “Police Officer” of today.

9/11: A Uniform Response The Associated Press and The New York City Police Museum collaborated to create a powerful exhibition of photographs featuring some of the most memorably iconic images from that day and New York's road to recovery. The pictures are drawn from the archives of the Associated Press and document both the heroism of first responders--fire fighters, police officers, medical personnel, and volunteers--and the brave men and women who were charged with capturing their story on film for the rest of the world.

Visit us at Governors Island
The New York City Police Museum – Governors Island is located at Pershing Hall – building 125, a short walk from the Manhattan ferry landing. Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. thru October 1, 2017. Admission is a Suggested Donation.
For more information please visit our website at or call (212) 480-3100.

The DEA is proud to offer an enhanced one-time benefit to all our retirees who would like to participate in the Heartscan Services cardiovascular and thyroid cancer (nodule) screening program. For more information Click Here.

Recent legislation regarding an act to amend the insurance law, in relation to requiring owners of firearms to obtain liability insurance can be found by clicking here.

  • 19 May 2017
Times Square Incident

Retired Detective Patrick Oshea tackles perp who ran people over at Time square. Killing 1 and injuring 22. Pat happen to be at the right place at the right time. Thank you Pat for stepping up and doing the right thing.

Upcoming Events

  • 29 August 2017
40th MEMORIAL SERVICE | Detective Joseph D. Taylor

There will be a Memorial servise for Detective Joseph Taylor at 83 Pct. at 7:30am on August 29th. Detective Taylor was shot and killed after he and another officer responded to a call of a man with a firearm inside an apartment at 14 Linden Street in Brooklyn. When Detective Taylor and the other officer arrived, they entered the building with guns drawn and positioned themselves at opposite sides of the apartment door. The officers knocked on the door and announced themselves as police officers. The door suddenly opened and two blasts from a 12-gauge shotgun were fired by the suspect. One blast struck Detective Taylor in the chest, killing him. The other officer emptied his gun and Detective Taylor's gun into the apartment. When the officer entered the apartment he found one suspect dead, another wounded, and two suspects uninjured. It was later determined that the wounded suspect was the man who had fired the shot that killed Detective Taylor. The subject was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years to live.

  • 9 November 2017
SID 45th Anniversary Reunion Luncheon

Click Here for flyer regarding the SID 45th Anniversary Reunion Luncheon

Past Events

  • 24 July 2017
15th ANNUAL JIM MILEY Golf Outing

$250.00 per golfer. Inwood Country Club, 50 Peppe Drive, Inwood, NY 11096. Info contact: Jack Freck 347-924-0888. Make checks payable to RDNY with name of foursome and send to: RDNY PO Box 1666, Canal Street Station, N.Y. N.Y. 10013.

  • 9 June 2017
Fishing Trip

Boat Celtic Quest, leaves from Port Jefferson Town Marina at 8am. $65.00 adults, $45.00 for children, includes rod, reel, bait, soda, water, beer. Contact Eddie Ruvane 516-318-0806. Mail checks to RDNY PO BOX 1666, Canal Street Station, N.Y. N.Y. 10013

  • 12 June 2017

The RDNY Rooftop Cigar Night with special Guest and Now Honorary NYPD Detective Rob O'Neill. A bunch of really tough guys stood in silent awe of a great American hero who graced our presence at our "Rooftop Smoke" in the penthouse of the Marriott Courtyard on June 12th. Rob O'Neill, the Navy Seal who sent Osama Bin Laden to hell, held our normally exuberant group in spellbound silence as he very humbly and rather nonchalantly described for us the take down of the vile, demonic poster child of terrorism. Mr. O'Neill was quite adamant that any of the Navy Seals who were on that mission could've very easily been the shooter to take down Bin Laden that night, but he was the "lucky" one. After being presented with our ARDY, which read in part, "In appreciation of your incredible bravery and unwavering dedication to the defense of our nation," Mr. O'Neill shared some very poignant moments with us. He actually wrote letters to his children in anticipation of his death on this mission. They were to have been opened at certain stages of their lives, i.e. marriage, graduations, etc. He started with "I'm sorry I'm not there with you." He also recounted how they were just about to hit Bin Laden's compound when one of his team members said, "You know we're about to die. Ever wonder why we're doing this?" Mr. O'Neill answered, "For the single mother of two children who decided to jump out of the World Trade Center because she thought that way of dying was better than melting in 2500 degree heat. And, in her last act of dignity, she tied her dress to her thighs so her private areas would be covered as she fell." More than a couple of us "really tough guys" had to hold back tears with that one. As remarkable as this man is (keep in mind the Bin Laden take down was only one of his 400 missions), what's even more amazing is his humility and his admiration for law enforcement. Can you imagine this superman of sorts holds us in the highest esteem? It's quite flattering to say the least. One of our members who attended that evening said it best, "I've been involved in union and fraternal functions and rackets for over 35 years. NOTHING will ever beat this."

  • 12 April 2017
Honorary Dinner
On Wednesday, Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, the RDNY will be honoring the following Honorees from 6:30 - 9:30pm at Frankie & Johnnies (Pines) Resturant:

Detective Dennis Canale
Although it is quite hard to sum up this recipient’s career in a few words, let’s just say he is ahero who saves heroes and if he wasn’t a cop, he probably would’ve been a doctor. In addition,like Superman, he has impeccable timing in being at the right place at the right time.Remember when one of our former ARDY recipients, Det. Brian O’Donnell, was off duty andsprung into action when he witnessed uniformed officers with guns drawn amid rush hourscrowds chasing a maniac armed with a meat clever. O’Donnell tackled the subject, wrestledand subdued him until the cops caught up. In the scuffle, he was slashed in the face causing agaping bleeding wound. Det. Canale, who responded with other Emergency Service personnel,instantly knew Det. O’Donnell was in very serious trouble and was moments away frombleeding out, undoubtedly resulting in the other hero’s death. Det. Canale immediately applied direct pressure with his fingers to Det. O’Donnell’s severed arteries and slowed the bleeding. He remained in that position throughout the ambulance ride from Penn Station to BellevueHospital where emergency room staff took over. This type of action certainly was notsomething new for Det. Canale.

On November 15, 2008, retired Detective Gregory Boyle was working security at the world famous Cellini Jewelers in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria when a gunman burst in and shot him in the left armpit during the struggle for the gun. Upon arrival, Det. Canale again knew this heroic victim was in serious trouble. He immediately put a stent into Boyle’s collapsed lungwhich facilitated his breathing and most likely kept him from going into shock. Medical personnel credited Det. Canale with saving his life.

Det. Canale epitomizes the old cop saying, “When the public needs help, they call the cops.When the cops need help, they call ESU.”Dennis Canale was appointed to the New City Police Department in June 1998. His first assignment was the 72 precinct.
He was assigned to ESU truck #5 from 2004 to 2016. He is currently assigned to the ESU Medical Training School as the Medical Training Coordinator, which is quite appropriate since he attended Physician Assistant school. Dennis is married to Franchesca, has sons, Roger, and twins Christopher and Michael. Christopher is a brain cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with stage 4 brain tumor at 3 yrs old and beat it after surgery, chemo and radiation and a lot of prayers going his way.

Senator Terrance Murphy aka Dr. Murphy: As we all know, the political landscape is notalways conducive to allowing politicians to openly support police, especially in New York State. Well, it is refreshing to have someone with our next honoree’s record of commitment to law enforcement.

Terrance Murphy was elected to the Yorktown Town Board in 2009 and re-elected in 2013, where he delivered the first back-to-back tax cuts in a generation and ushered in $250 million ineconomic development projects. In both elections, it was the highest number of votes everreceived by a candidate for any local office in Yorktown. In 2014, he was elected to the NewYork State Senate with 55.3% of the vote, representing the 40th District, which includes portions of Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties. He was re-elected in 2016 withalmost 60% of the vote. Senator Murphy serves as chair of the Senate Committee onInvestigations and Government Operations. He is also a member the Senate Banks Committee,Health Committee, Insurance Committee, Labor Committee, Local Government Committee and Mental Health Committee. During his first legislative term, fourteen pieces of his legislationwere chaptered in law in 2014, and fifteen pieces of his legislation were chaptered into law in 2015, making him the most effective member of the freshman class in the Senate and one ofthe most effective lawmakers overall in Albany.

Very close to our hearts are his signature achievements - landmark legislation to combat theheroin crisis, which is now being implemented nationwide and his genuine concern for theplight of our veterans. Senator Murphy has become their voice and advocate in Albany.

Very interestingly, Senator Murphy is also Dr. Murphy. He was a small business owner and lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley with a deep-rooted commitment to public service. His family originally moved to Yorktown in 1962 when Yorktown’s mascot, the Cornhusker, was stilla common and public sight. Growing up next to Wilkens Fruit Farm, he enjoyed an incrediblechildhood which included apple picking and skating on Mill Pond. As the youngest of sixchildren, his father Jack, a blue-collar, Navy vet of the Korean War, union man and laboradvocate who worked for Con Edison for over fifty years, taught him the importance of hardwork, dedication, and commitment to community. Remembering his father’s teachings of theimportance of community, Dr. Murphy was always willing to help others in need. It was littlesurprise to his family when Dr. Murphy decided to study nutrition following his graduation fromYorktown High School. He went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and aDoctorate of Chiropractic from Life University College of Chiropractic. In 1999, he made his firstofficial mark on the Hudson Valley by opening the Yorktown Health and Wellness Center onCommerce Street in Yorktown Heights. Today, Dr. Murphy continues to manage his chiropractic practice. Always keeping family first, Dr. Murphy’s favorite time is spent with his wife, Caroline,and children, McKayla, Jack, and Kian.



Anthony (Tony) Bergamo

It is with deepest regret that RDNY announces the passing of Mr. Anthony (Tony) Bergamo the Founder and Chairman of the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation. Mr Bergamo fought tirelessly to help local, state and federal law enforcement members and their families. Mr Bergamo was a constant "Patron Saint" when it came to providing funds, venues or other necessities to RDNY when we ran an outing or event. Mr Bergamo was responsible for many scholarships and other causes that affect us all. A nicer man it would be hard to find. You will sorely be missed, Mr Bergamo. May you Rest in Eternal Peace FUNERAL MASS: Tuesday October 3, 2017 10:00 Mass St Ignatious Loyola Roman Catholic Church 980 Park Ave (84th St) NY, NY 10028 212-288-3588